Food explosion.

Ehhhhh, my passenger seat is covered in tomato sauce and other assorted crap.

I've prepared this extensive list of probable reasons as to why:
•The Lucarelli's staff doesn't know the concept of weight distribution.

Yes, and the people at the strip club (a first) that I delivered to were very angry, but I told them the situation, and they sympathized.

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is Cavatelli sauce AND Shrimp Scampi sauce all over my passenger seat as well! AND TAYLOR SAT IN IT TODAY!!!

In the past two days, it happened at least four times.

Oh well, at least I'm getting paid. Joy.
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Fear not at all...

Yeah, I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

Pretty much I was playing The Godfather all night on PS2, then TRIED going to sleep, but no go. Mom left for Florida at 4 AM, and I was there to say goodbye and all. I ended up driving Chris to school, then meeting up with Jamie. I haven't seen that bitch in months, so me had a good time catching up and shit.

We hit the Smithhaven Mall, and did pretty much nothing but walk around. Got there mad early, so we fucked with the old people. Left maybe an hour later, after everything was open. Next was Cheapo's. I picked up two CD's, as if I don't have enough already. Yep, then we picked up Jamie's friend and got Wendy's. Dropped her friend BACK off, then we went to Cedar Park. Sat in the grass and shit. It was like, all peaceful and shit. A welcomed change.

Yeah, so I just got out of the shower. I'm pretty much dry now, I got work at 5... I just hope I'm awake before that.... and while I'm on the job.

Then after, I'm gonna pass out.
This staying awake business is too much.
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More or less, this sums up my day.

If I have to wait until July for the new All That Remains CD, I'm gonna end someone.
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I'm from hell 'n shit.

So the grades from the winter session are in. I pretty much dominated college this past semester. Cheers all around.

I woke up 4:00 in the PM today. Not good at all. I chilled with Toni for a little after dinner... or my proverbial "breakfast", so to say. We hit Looney Tunes and I ended up leaving with 23 CD's. No, that's not a typo.... 23 CD's. After, we hit Vinny's and chilled there for 10 minutes or so, then she dropped me offf home. Good times.

Me and Lisa are PROOOOOOOOBABLY going to the circus for our joint-birthday bash.
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My window shattered again. And no, for the record, a fat kid didn't do it this time. ;)

I was on the Southern State towards Levittown to go chill with Jill and Sarah, and on the way, this car in front of me starts swerving and shit. Next thing I know, a HUUUUUUGE piece from under the car shoots up and slams right into my window. My window is intact, but smashed to pieces. I went straight back home, and I had to cancel all my plans. Oh well.

And I was supposed to be out with Sam tonight too. Me and her were gonna go to the beach until 4 in the morning or so.

This is just a minor setback. I should have it fixed either tomorrow or the next day. And money ain't no thang.

I'm just happy it didn't go through the window, because whatever it was that hit me could've very likely been lodged into my throat at the moment.

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Hey guys! My birthday is coming up!

*hint hint*

This just in: Experts find it hard to believe I'm turning 20.
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Castlevania is awesome.

But work sucks. I'm quitting Lucarelli's as soon as I get another job. It's nothing against the people who work there, it's just not the same. I don't feel right there. Don't get me wrong, it's only my second day, but a nigga can't get it live at $6.00 an hour. Regardless of tips.

Taylor and Co. met up with me the second I got out. We went to my house and then split up.Met up with Eric, Myers, Midge, Jessie Brower, and some other kids at Best Buy. We all went to this fucking tool's house that Taylor used to go out with. He was supposed to come up with some money and shit to give back to Taylor or I was gonna kick the shit outta him. I really with that was how it turned out, but he had the stuff.

I dropped Tay off with her friends, then met back up with Eric and the gang. Chilled at his house for a little. After everyone left, me and him went out to eat. Picked up some Taco Bell, then to Dairy Barn.

We picked up fucking 20 CARTONS OF LEMONADE.

Went back home and drank half of it, mmmmm good shit. Soon after, Jay picked him up.

Then I went inside and ate four hamburgers. I did it for vegetarians worldwide.
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